Our company is an uncompromising steward of the environment, our employees, and the communities in which we operate.


A key consideration for our operations is the impact we have on the local environment in and around the communities in which we operate. Land reclamation is an important ongoing activity we complete as part of operating our mines. To minimize water use, we include technologically advanced equipment at our processing facilities including a closed loop water system. Our company has established multiple monitoring well locations in adjacent lands to continually monitor groundwater quantity and quality.

Environment - A Key Corporate Value

Sustainable Facility 


Our wet plant operations are specifically engineered to minimize water use. Using technologically advanced equipment including closed-loop water system, we re-use process water and eliminate the need for retention ponds. We are also proud to have one facility with a fully enclosed wet plant, and are evaluating opportunities to enclose other wet plants. Enclosed facilities enable year round sand processing, and reduce the amount of noise and dust levels generated at the location. In addition, we are in the process of completing improvements to our Blair Facility that will result in a significant reduction in the amount of truck traffic associated with these operations.


Our closed-loop water systems enable our wash plants to operate without discharging processed water into dry runs, wetlands or creeks. This allows us to re-use process water, significantly minimizing the need for groundwater withdrawals. Up to 95% of water is recycled and reused through the system. Source performs monthly measurements of produced and recycled water at all facilities to monitor and improve its processes.

Environmental Responsibility

Wetland Hydrology Monitoring


Source voluntarily participates in this proactive program to ensure any of our operations situated near wetlands do not negatively impact these habitats. Source has established multiple monitoring locations in wetlands adjacent to our operations to continually collect groundwater elevations. To date, Source has not observed any impacts and expects its future operations will not negatively impact wetland communities. If an impact is observed and can be correlated to our operations, efforts will be implemented to mitigate and offset such impact.


Land reclamation is a key activity we complete as part of operating our mines. Reclamation is conducted in stages that correlate with the different phases of the mining of the sand formations. Last year’s program at Sumner saw the certification of 10 acres of reclaimed land, and Source will have additional 30 acres ready for certification in 2018. In an effort to actively manage its forested land, Source has enrolled some of its mining properties into a Department of Natural Resources Sustainable Growth program to help bolster the sustainability of these lands.

Environmental Responsibility

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We are excited to return over 90 acres back to nature at our Preston Facility. The 2018 reclamation program is expected to see 92 acres receive certification, and an additional 10 acres are also being prepared for future certification. Source has enrolled additional land with the Department of Natural Resources Managed Forest Program. This is a landowner inventive program that encourages sustainable forestry on woodland areas. This activity is consistent with Source’s 25 year land management plan that promotes a healthy and productive forest through timber harvesting, wildlife management, water quality, and recreation in the areas we work in Wisconsin.