Health, Safety & Environment

Our company is an uncompromising steward of the environment, our employees, and the communities in which we operate


At Source, we believe safe work environments are the result of a deliberate and intentional focus on a safety culture that drives successful behaviors across all levels of the organization. Our Safety Vision Statement, “The relentless pursuit of safety excellence, driven by all levels of the organization” is based upon three strategic pillars of Health Safety and Environment (“HSE”): Leadership, Learning, and Engagement. The safety culture at Source drives all employees of the company keep our People First core value top of mind. One of our many HSE programs is “ImpACT”, a behavioral based safety reporting program that encourages employee peer to peer HSE observations coupled with constructive feedback, to ensure safe behaviors are consistently encouraged.



HSE Training Programs

At Source, we provide a suite of training programs and services to proactively drive our safety culture. Our Body ImpACT program is a hands-on course involving hands a feet. It provides employees with proper techniques for stepping, handling and lifting. Minds and Mouth is another key course which helps identify individual personal safety weaknesses, along with guidance on how to properly communicate safety concerns to others. These programs help reinforce Source’s continual improvement culture as we strive for HSE excellence.

Commitment to Health, Safety & Environment

Source is committed to protecting its employees, its contractors, the public, and the environment in which we work in. We strive to sustainably manage the impact of our operations on the environment as well as on the communities where we operate.

ommitment to Health, Safety & Environment