Our company is an uncompromising steward of the environment, our employees, and the communities in which we operate.

Environmental Responsibility

A key consideration for our operations is our impact on the environment and the communities in which we operate. Our technologically advanced facilities feature a closed loop water system, which ensures our operations are environmentally sustainable.


Health & Safety

Source Energy Services believes that a vibrant safety culture is produced through a commitment and dedication by everyone involved to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. Our goals are simple: no harm to people, the public, our properties, or the natural environment.

Community Involvement

We recognize the importance of forming strong relationships in the locations we operate. Source Energy Services is committed to lending its strengths as an integrated proppant distribution company to promote and build vibrant communities. It is our focus to improve the quality of life of the community residents by contributing to creating economic opportunities that enable them to achieve an improved living and working environment while preserving natural resources of the area. Whether we are investing in local sports programs in Wisconsin or supporting children’s medical care in Alberta, Source Energy Services recognizes the impact of supporting the successes and growth of the communities we work and live in.

Charitable Giving at Source Energy Services

Source Energy Services is committed to investing in the social and economic development of the communities we operate in. As active members of our communities, we support initiatives that align with our corporate values, support the charitable efforts of our employees, and are located in the areas we live and work. Source Energy Services proudly endorses opportunities in the following areas:

  • Environment
  • Health and Wellness
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Arts and Culture
  • Education

Please note that Source Energy Services does not support the following types of requests:

  • Advertising and promotional subscriptions
  • Individuals and individual pursuits
  • Political organizations and candidates
  • Professional solicitors and third-party fundraising
  • Mass mailings and solicitations

To be considered for an investment towards your community in either employee time or financial contribution, please complete all the questions in our application form and email it with supporting documents to our Community Investment team at: Organizations that are successful in receiving funding may be asked to submit a report, offer employee volunteer opportunities, and supply Source Energy Services with pictures or other media materials that demonstrate our impact. Donation Request Form 2015