Strategically placed high-capacity transload facilities

With 9 active terminals and 2 terminals currently under construction in key shale plays across North America, we operate the most comprehensive, and high volume distribution networks in the Canadian WCSB

Leading Ability

Hosting terminals in key shale plays across North America, we operate the most comprehensive distribution network in the Canadian WCSB.

Our newest terminals, such as that in Wembley, Alberta are designed to receive and unload unit trains of up to 100 rail cars in less than 24 hours resulting in the most reliable logistics solutions available in the market today. Our terminals meet the needs of today’s high-intensity completions programs.



Our terminals feature high capacity bulk storage consisting of over 3 million metric tons each year. The Wembley terminal that services the WCSB can store up to 40,000 tons of sand!

Access and certainty of supply is important to our customers. We operate 24/7 to ensure your product is available to you when you need it… where you need it.

Rail Cars

Shipping rail cars in unit trains offers our customers many advantages over manifest shipping:

  • Significantly reduced cycle time from mine to well site
  • Reliability of supply at our terminal locations in key shale plays
  • Eliminate truck standby and rail demurrage
  • Relationships with Class 1 rail networks offer the customer a seamless and streamlined operation in Canada and the United States


Our inventory management system synchronizes with our scales enabling you to view inventory in real-time and have access to reporting functions. The logistics team is available to assist you in a personalized solution that accommodates your frac sand needs.

Where we Operate

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